Guide to the Technologies of Concealed Weapon and Contraband Imaging and Detection   [open pdf - 264KB]

The purpose of the Guide is to provide information that will help members of the law enforcement and corrections community, who are present or potential users and operators of CWCIDSs, better understand the operation, limitations, and applicability of CWCIDS technology to their specific application and to provide an overview of the state of development in the CWCIDS for the mutual benefit of all interested parties. Some of the CWCIDSs are still under development and are included here for completeness. This Guide focuses on CWCIDSs that are intended for use on humans; that is, for detection of contraband and weapons concealed on human bodies. Accordingly, this Guide contains a technical review and discussion only of the various technologies that are being used or developed for concealed weapon and contraband imaging and detection on humans. A discussion of the limitations of these systems is provided, as are potential applications and general application-specific considerations. This discussion is also limited to the CWCIDS that use electromagnetic or acoustic phenomena for detection.

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NIJ Guide 602-00
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