CIA Answers to Questions for the Record: Worldwide Threat   [open html - 99KB]

Unclassified responses to the Questions for the Record from the Worldwide Threat Hearing on 6 February 2002. Identifies and analyzes main sources of threats to the United States. Subsection 10 deals with cyberterrorism. Other topics addressed include: The Intelligence Community's Ability to Monitor Terrorist Activity; "The Axis of Evil"; Measuring Success In the War on Terrorism; The Continuing Threat Posed by Al-Qa'ida; Status of U.S. Objectives in Afghanistan; Duration of the War on Terror;; Nations Supporting Terrorism;; Tracking and Freezing Terrorist Assets; Nuclear Terrorism; Trying Terrorists by Military Tribunals; Leaks About the Intelligence Community's Role in the War on Terrorism; Possible Terrorist Use of "Conflict Diamonds"; The Situation in Iraq; Iranian Missile Capabilities; Stability of the Jordanian Regime; Saudi Arabia; Stability of the Syrian Regime; Qadhafi's Hold on Power in Libya; Possibility of Support to Terrorists by the Palestinian Authority; Vietnam; The Situation in Georgia; Security of the Russian Nuclear Stockpile; Russia's Closure of Intelligence Facilities in Cuba and Vietnam; Chechnya and Russia; Russian Military Capabilities; Transfer of Technology From Russia; The India Pakistan Conflict; The Situation in North Korea; Cuba After Castro; Colombia; Haiti; Mexico; Implications of US Withdrawal from the ABM Treaty; Surprise Missile Attacks; WMD Delivery Systems; ICBM Threats to the US; North Korea's Taepo Dong-2; Nonmissile Means for Delivering Weapons of Mass Destruction; Foreign Countries Spying on the US; The Impact of HIV/AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases; Assessing Environmental Change; Public Disclosure of the Aggregate Intelligence Budget; Criminal Organizations and Networks.

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