Understanding Information Age Warfare   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This book presents an alternative to the deterministic and linear strategies of the planning modernization that are now an artifact of the Industrial Age. The approach being advocated here begins with the premise that adaptation to the Information Age centers around the ability of an organization or an individual to utilize information. This book identifies what this deceptively simple Information Age characteristic actually entails and how learning to use information is an inherently complex and disruptive process. It argues that innovation, discovery, and experimentation are fundamental Information Age competencies. Given the dynamics and complexities of our time and the incredible pace of change, planning is truly, as the old adage goes, all about the process, not the plan. If this book helps you understand why Information Superiority and network-centric concepts are at the heart of all Information Age organizations, challenges the way you think about the future of DoD, provides you with an idea or two about how to capitalize on the information we have or could have, or simply makes you think again about how we change, it will have accomplished what the authors set out to do."

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