Information Age: An Anthology on Its Impact and Consequences   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Given the magnitude of change that the revolution in science and technology has potential to induce, it is vitally important that we understand how this revolution, has changed, is changing and will continue to change our world. This book undertakes this task for one major category of scientific and technical advances, information and communication technologies. Part One argues that three modern information and communication revolutions have occurred during the last century and a half, and presents an overview of the historical impacts that the information and communication technologies developed during the first two revolutions have had on humankind's activities and institutions, and on international affairs and on the international system. It identifies and analyzes several of the more important information and communication technologies that are part of the present information and communication revolution. Parts Two and Three, examine the impacts that the technologies of the third modern information and communication revolution are having and are likely to have on specific areas of human interactions. Areas of inquiry include the impact of new information and communication technologies on business, commerce, services, the government, and the military. In Part Four, projections are developed about the ways that the information and communication technologies identified earlier are being and might be assimilated and diffused by different state and non-state actors. Part Four also presents views about the ways in which international actors and the international systems are changing and may most likely change as a result of advances in information and communication technologies."

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