Office of Management and Budget: 2003 Report to Congress on Combating Terrorism   [open pdf - 2MB]

This report provides funding and programmatic information on the executive branch's efforts to combat terrorist activity both domestically and overseas. Agencies categorized their funding data based on the six strategic mission areas defined in the National Strategy for Homeland Security, as discussed below. In addition, agencies identified activities from which reported funding supports efforts to defend against terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), improve critical infrastructure protection (CIP) efforts, or provide for federal continuity of operations (COOP) in the event of a national emergency. For classification purposes, we continue to combine the funding amounts for the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. This funding is labeled throughout the Report as Defense. Combating terrorism activities include both antiterrorism (defensive measures used to combat terrorism) and counterterrorism (offensive measures used to combat terrorism), both domestically and abroad. Combating terrorism is divided into two primary categories, homeland security (HS) and overseas combating terrorism (OCT), and encompasses all funding for defense against WMD, improvements to CIP, and provision for federal COOP. Homeland security programs focus on activities within the United States and its territories, or on activities in support of domestically-based systems and processes. The Homeland Security Council (HSC) coordinates these activities government-wide. Overseas combating terrorism focuses on activities outside the United States. The National Security Council (NSC) coordinates these activities government-wide. Together, the two areas comprise the overall combating terrorism budget for the federal government. The mission areas are Intelligence and Warning, Border and Transportation Security, Domestic Counterterrorism, Protecting Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets, Defending Against Catastrophic Threats, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Combating Overseas Terrorism, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Continuity of Operations.

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