Report to Congress on the Organization and Operations of the National Nuclear Security Administration   [open pdf - 1MB]

This Report to Congress on the Organization and Operations of the National Nuclear Security Administration describes NNSA's plans for assigning roles and responsibilities to headquarters and field units, as well as an overall strategy for operating an integrated national nuclear security enterprise. The main body of the report includes a summary of the NNSA strategic plan and our corporate strategy for improving performance. While the Naval Reactors work plan is included in this Organization Report, management of that NNSA component will not be modified by the activities described below. This is consistent with the clear intent of the Congress that the establishment of NNSA is not to alter the responsibilities of the Deputy Administrator for Naval Reactors. The unique organizational structure of Naval Reactors (with separate reporting responsibilities to NNSA and the Department of the Navy) and its outstanding record of performance exempt it from the planned reengineering. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, gave a renewed sense of urgency to ensuring that the NNSA is rapidly transformed into an organization capable of operating at peak effectiveness. Following those attacks, the Administrator established a series of task forces to improve the security of the NNSA complex and to maximize the ability of the NNSA to support other organizations in their counterterrorism mission. As part of the reengineering described in the report, the NNSA Management Council will ensure that internal processes are optimized for support to this emerging and urgent national security mission.

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