U.S. Military Role in Countering the Biological and Chemical Warfare Threat: Attacking the Enemy's Will   [open pdf - 1MB]

One of the greatest challenges facing the U.S. military today in the post-Cold War Era is countering the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons (BCW). These weapons of mass destruction (WMD) not only pose a significant threat to our military forces but to global security as well. Known adversaries of the United States currently possess such weapons and will most likely employ them in future conflicts based on the perceived attractiveness associated with BCW. The U.S. military can and must play an active role in deterring the proliferation and potential employment of these horrific weapons. Attacking the adversary's will to possess or employ them is the singular, long lasting solution to a growing global crisis. The U.S. military's principal means of attacking this will is to negate the attractiveness of obtaining or already possessing a biological and chemical warfare capability. This can and must be accomplished in order to ensure global security and the protection of our forces today and into the future. Focusing our efforts otherwise is a recipe for disaster.

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