Training Opportunities for the Thermal Imaging Camera   [open pdf - 175KB]

"Through a community-supported fundraiser, the Ipswich Fire Department (IFD) will be the recipient of a new thermal imaging camera (TIC) in the near future. The problem was the IFD did not have a training program for the TIC. The purpose of this applied research project was to develop a list of training opportunities for the thermal imaging camera. Action research methodology was used to answer the following three research questions: 1) What types of situations have thermal imaging cameras been used for? 2. What are the disadvantages of thermal imaging cameras that relate to possible training opportunities? 3. What types of training do fire departments require of their personnel to utilize thermal imaging cameras? The procedures that were used for this applied research project included a literature review and a survey. The initial literature review was conducted at the Learning Resource Center at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Applicable information was obtained from trade journals, books, periodicals, and applied research projects. Additional information was gathered from the IFD video library, manufacturer brochures and an exhaustive internet search. The second procedure was a survey sent to fire departments in Massachusetts that have a TIC. The survey was used to find what types of training were required for their personnel to utilize a TIC. The results showed there was a multitude of situations in which a TIC can be used, with successful results. As with any new tool, disadvantages were relevant to a TIC. The leading disadvantage was training, in some cases lack of training on a TIC. The research found a wide range of requirements for firefighters using the TIC."

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