Reducing The Nuclear Danger   [open pdf - 3MB]

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction represents a major challenge to our national security. Reducing the nuclear danger is one of the primary goals of the United States national security strategy and it is a cornerstone of the Department's vision of the future. To meet this challenge, our Nation draws upon the same foundation of scientific and technological skills that helped bring a successful end to the Gold War. The Department, drawing upon many of the Nation's best and most innovative scientists, provides essential support for the changing global political climate that has guided the Department's adaptation to the new era. Reducing the global nuclear danger, responding with programs that build upon and enhance the strengths of the Department's complex and the National Laboratories, and emphasizing commitments to environment, safety, and health, are the essence of the Department's national security strategy. The nuclear danger is now defined differently than it was just five years ago. Initiatives to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation, improve nuclear reactor safety, safeguard and dispose of nuclear materials and maintain confidence in our nuclear weapons deterrent without nuclear testing have surged to the forefront.

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