FY96 Space and Missiles Technology Area Plan   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The specific technologies pursued in the Space and Missiles Technology area are driven by military needs as enunciated by the warfighter and embodied in the five Future Joint Wafighting Capabilities: 1. To maintain near perfect knowledge of the enemy and communicate that to all forces in near-real time. 2. To engage regional forces promptly in decisive combat, on a global basis. 3. To employ a range of capabilities more suitable to actions at the lower end of the full range of military operations which allow achievement of military objectives with minimum casualties and collateral damage. 4. To control the use of space. 5. To counter the threat of weapons of mass destruction' and future ballistic cruise missiles to the CONUS and deployed forces. We respond to these needs through the Air Force Space Command mission area plans, which describe these needs in terms of deficiencies and operational concepts to overcome the deficiencies. We focus technologies in the Space and Missiles Technology area to enable operational concepts either through technology development or rapid exploitation and transition of technological opportunities ."

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