Should the Santee Fire Department Modify its Firefighter Recruitment Policy to Reflect Generational Changes in the Applicant Pool?   [open pdf - 501KB]

"This research project analyzed generational differences in the workplace as a possible modification of the recruitment process and thereby enhancing retention of entry-level firefighters for the Santee Fire Department. The problem considered was that the current recruitment process may not be considering contemporary generational factors in the work environment. Hence, the current process may not be maximizing the probabilities for success by appealing to the most qualified candidates. The purpose was to determine if an enhanced understanding of generational differences could be used to provide a more effective recruitment process. The research employed both historical and evaluative research to answer several questions: (1) Is the current recruitment process outdated? Does the current process fail to consider the changing workplace cultures and generational differences? (2) What is the attitude and general awareness of the current department workforce with regard to generational issues in the organization? (3) What does the literature offer to provide guidance to the organization to best utilize generational distinctions? (4) Can an enhanced understanding of generational issues be utilized to improve the current recruitment process? If so, what recommendations can be made to the City of Santee Fire Department regarding modification? The objective of this research project was to provide sufficient information to guide the City of Santee in the possible modification of recruitment procedures using an understanding of workplace generational differences. Each employee was surveyed via a structured questionnaire designed to obtain the knowledge and opinion of employees regarding generational considerations. Data from the survey questionnaire was collected, compiled, evaluated and utilized for a recommendation."

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