Sharing the Sorcerer's Amulet: An Alternative to Division Chemical Staffs   [open pdf - 11MB]

This monograph argues that the current division chemical staff seems incapable of fulfilling its continuing, and increasingly important, role as the division commander's staff focal point for nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) operations and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) effects. This monograph proposes an alternate model that integrates the missions, functions, and people of the division chemical staff throughout the division's coordinating staff. Using the division chemical staff as an illustration, this monograph demonstrates a model of change that provides integrative, synergistic effects for the commander and staff through innovative and low cost organizational evolution. To support this thesis, this monograph develops three distinct criteria for assessing the current division chemical staff and the proposed alternative model. The first criteria focuses on the division chemical staffs ability to accomplish NBC defense doctrine - a linkage between organizational responsibilities and warfighting doctrine. The second distinct analytical criteria, the ability of the chemical staff as organized to accomplish its doctrinal duties, focuses on the linkage between the structure of the chemical staff and its doctrinal duties. The third and final analytic measure focuses on the division chemical staffs ability to meet the needs of the Army of the 21st Century. TRADOC Pamphlet 525-5, as the current gauge for the Army of the future, emphasizes five features of organizations of the future. This monograph develops an alternative model that better meets these three analytical measures. This alternate approach emphasizes dispersing the current division chemical staff throughout the division coordinating staff with an eye towards the functions necessary for adequate staff operations.

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