Joint Task Force-Civil Support: Are We on the Right Track?   [open pdf - 960KB]

Weapons of Mass Destruction Consequence Management (WMD-CoM) has become a new mission area for DoD. The mission was tasked to Joint Forces Command and subsequently a standing JTF was established to support the Lead Federal Agency for domestic CoM. Joint Task Force-Civil Support (JTF-CS) is now the operational lead for DoD in domestic CoM. This paper looks at the mission, organization, and command relationships of JTF-CS to determine if it is the correct organization for handling the DoD contribution in this new mission area, and asks: "Are we on the right track?" In determining if the JTF is on the right track, the mission is analyzed in terms of appropriateness and validity. Examination continues with the organization of the JTF staff and also the functional Task Forces that constitute the JTF. Next, potentially complex command relationships are explored and challenges are identified. The close look at JTF-CS reveals both strengths and weakness, and points to the need for continual refinement as the CoM mission evolves. Recommendations are made on how the JTF, with the support of JFCOM and the larger DoD community, can improve effectiveness and enhance mission accomplishment. Finally, conclusions are drawn about JTF-CS's role as the lead DoD organization for WMD-CoM.

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