Definition of Alternatives for BW/CW (Biological Warfare and Chemical Warfare) Defense Database   [open pdf - 6MB]

This analysis provides a set of alternatives, along with the associated advantages and disadvantages, for establishing an automated database related to biological and chemical warfare (BW/CW) defense. This analysis focuses upon the preliminary considerations involved in developing and operating a database--either a stand-alone database or one integrated with other existing databases, employing personnel for Natick, other DoD facilities, a contractor facility, or a combination of any of the three to develop and maintain the database. Adequate computer resources for maintaining the database were found to be available at the Army Research and Development Center (ARDC), INFOCEN at the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division Computer Center, and certain contractor facilities. The staffs at ARDC and at certain contractor facilities were determined to be available to develop and operate the database, to have technical expertise in the subject areas of interest, and to have established a proven capability in the development and operation of databases.

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