New Mexico Army National Guard: A Tradition of Air Defense Ready for Change   [open pdf - 999KB]

The New Mexico Army National Guard has an Air Defense history. In the past thirty years the soldiers of the 111th Air Defense Brigade have diligently trained on the Duster, the Roland, the Chaparral, the Hawk, the Avenger and the Patriot systems. None of these units have been deployed to perform their wartime air defense mission. Due to the changing world climate, the Army is involved in a variety of missions around the world and at home. The New Mexico Army National Guard must become a relevant member of the team and transform part of its air defense organization to units that will meet their Country's call. The Army has a viable total force concept. It was the active and reserve components together that were successful in Desert Storm. Since that time this combined team has been deployed to numerous peace-keeping operations and domestic emergencies. Presently we are in a war against terrorism and our primary mission has become homeland security. The New Mexico Army National Guard has the responsibility to meet the full spectrum of missions. It has an opportunity to create a new type of Guard unit capable of deploying faster, training more efficiently and equipped to perform homeland security, domestic emergencies, peacekeeping operations and their war fighting mission. Times have changed and so should the New Mexico Army National Guard.

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