National Guard: A Future Homeland Security Paradigm?   [open pdf - 451KB]

This monograph answers the question, Is the National Guard (NG) counterdrug (CD) Support Program a suitable model to design an NG Homeland Security (HLS) force also capable of fulfilling the National Guard's role as a first military responder and maintaining a warfighting capability as a federal ready reserve force? In February 2001, the U.S. Commission on National Security/ 21st Century recommended that the National Guard (NG) fulfill a primary role in HLS and posture to assist first responders and provide state governors with immediate command and control capability tied to a National Crisis Action Center. Following the Hart-Rudman study, Department of Defense (DOD) agreed HLS was the NG s responsibility, however an NG HLS program was not yet initiated or funded. To answer the question, the researcher conducts through a historical overview of the NG, two DTLOMS analyses, and a comparative analysis to determine parallels and shortfalls between the NG CD program and the requirements for an NG HLS force. The overview describes the founding of the militia, the dual role of the NG, and how the NG has played a major part in military operations both at home and abroad. In state status, as first military responders to domestic emergencies and disasters, NG members also conduct hundreds of actual domestic support missions each year. Analysis of the NG CD program confirmed that Title 32 NG CD members conduct CD operations as well as maintain a first military responder and federal ready reserve warfighter capabilities.

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