Outline for Hartsville Fire Department Personnel to Compete for Chief Officer Positions   [open pdf - 106KB]

"When the City of Hartsville changed its method of hiring upper management positions, it opened these positions to all possible candidates, internal and external. It became evident that existing city personnel would need improved levels of training and education to compete with outside candidates. This research paper attempted to determine if Hartsville Fire Department personnel were at a disadvantage when competing with others from outside the department. If Hartsville personnel were at a disadvantage, what would be necessary for them to become competitive? And was there any benefit to the community for personnel being competitive? Descriptive and evaluative research were the methods chosen to complete the research. Literature review and two surveys were used to gather information. Surveys were answered by personnel of all ranks, both inside and outside of the Hartsville Fire Department. Outside departments varied in size and structure. Departments and individuals surveyed included volunteer, combination, and career structures, and served both large and small areas and populations. Disparity was found in level of education and certifications between Hartsville personnel and those surveyed from other fire departments. More potential applicants outside the organization had college degrees and certifications above basic firefighting."

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