U.S.-European Relations Pre- and Post September 11, 2001   [open pdf - 815KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Throughout the more than 50 years in which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has secured peace and stability in Europe, relations between the US and its European allies remain a persistent paradox-unified, yet at considerable odds. It is a partnership that is consistent and strong, yet troubled and fragile. This thesis analyzes the emerging European-American relationships based on perceptions of key stakeholders, including pre- and post- September 11 attitudes, and persistent concerns Although history may repeat itself globalization of politics, finance and national security increasingly connect Europeans, Americans and other nations, The complexity of these relationships is studied to reveal common themes relevant to evolving European- American relations, This study reveals the following findings: France, Germany and the United Kingdom represent the overall voice of European policies; The interpersonal relations between prominent European and American stakeholders appear more substantial and influential than publicly acknowledged; European stakeholders perceive the current U.S. administration as generally reflective of a bygone era; The number of European partners are increasing and European voices are moving tentatively closer to a common voice on foreign and security issues; And important European domestic issues appear to dominate European concerns, often overshadowing the American preoccupation on terrorism."

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