Case Study: The Effects of the British Army against the Irish Republican Army   [open pdf - 4MB]

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects British troops have had while countering the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The study involved the following research objectives. First, terrorism and the IRA as a terrorist organization was defined to form a basis for the research. Following these definitions, the Irish history, the IRA goals, and the British goals were discussed. After the British goals were defined, the significant events involving British troops or the IRA were reviewed to identify effects. Finally, the effects of the British Army and any contributing factors in the Northern Ireland situation were outlined. The study found that troops can have a wide variety of effects. In particular, this study found three major effects of troops. First, troops can prevent a civil war. Second, the Army can contain the level of violence created by a terrorist group but not totally defeat the organization. Finally, by mishandling situations and implementing unpopular policies, troops can alienate the community. Keywords: Military theses; Unconventional warfare.

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