Analysis of Federal Airport and Air Carrier Employee Access Control, Screening and Training Regulations   [open pdf - 3MB]

Current Federal Aviation Regulations concerning civil aviation security are focused on countering the threat of a passenger hijacking a commercial airplane. Current media and government emphasis is focused on a passenger breaching security at an airport in the U.S. and not an employee breaching security. The security of the U.S. air travel industry from terrorist attacks hinges on an effective civil aviation security program. Government and aviation industry officials would greatly benefit from the revision of the current Federal Aviation Regulations concerning civil aviation security to address the issue of terrorism initiated by an employee. This thesis provides a thorough examination of current Federal Aviation Regulations parts 107 and 108 sections concerning airport and air carrier employee access control, screening, and training. Based upon field research of five U.S. airports, the work furthermore analyzes related issues and problems associated with these regulations and generates recommendations that serve to enhance security for the traveling public, air carriers, and persons employed by or conducting business at public airports.

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