Operational Art of Counterterrorism   [open pdf - 224KB]

Terrorism is a real threat to the lives of the citizens of the United States and of her allies. Osama bin Laden's organization sponsored the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole which resulted in seventeen dead U.S. sailors, dozens of injuries, and millions of dollars in damage. FM 3-0 must support CT planning, which is an important issue for the U.S. Army for several reasons. The Army, an important instrument of national power, is employed to shape the global security environment in support of the National Security Strategy. One of the Army's mission essential tasks is to provide support to civilian authorities in dealing with crises. Historically, the Army Army's support of civil authorities has included a wide variety of missions. Combating terrorism is also a type of stability operation that the Army may execute. Terrorist acts against the U.S. are intended to limit U.S. engagement and influence in the terrorist Army's region of interest and throughout the world. Information on terrorist organizations, particularly on Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda organization, will be used here to determine if the elements of operational art in Army doctrine are adequate to develop a concept plan to defeat a terrorist organization. The elements of operational design outlined in FM 3-0 will be used as the framework for analysis.

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