Proactive Strategy Toward Terrorism and Transnational Crime   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Terrorist and transnational criminal organizations are evolving into enormous national security threats. Their embrace of advanced information and communications systems has significantly enhanced their organizational efficiency as well as provided them with an exceptional disruption weapons system. The US's heavy reliance upon the information infrastructure, along with the disruptive and destructive capabilities of cyberterror and cybercrime, have created a potentially very dangerous situation. In addition, the proliferation of advanced weapons systems into terrorist hands, including WMDs, requires the US to reassess its counter-terror and crime policy. The current strategy in place to combat these entities is lacking, as can be seen by the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings. The employment of an aggressive, proactive strategy that focuses on information operations is necessary to constrain these growing threats. The proactive strategy is accompanied by new significant costs. However, when compared to the cost of current US strategy, proactive measures are seen to provide enormous overall savings. The proactive strategy is comprised of three elements: intelligence collection, disruption and destruction. Today's advanced technologies provide the US with the tools and weapons necessary to engage in and win the war against terror and crime."

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