National Guard Homeland Defense Division Filling the Gap in Weapons of Mass Destruction Defense   [open pdf - 2MB]

Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) pose a new and significant threat to American security. The nation does not presently possess the ability to adequately deal with this threat. Congress has tasked DoD to develop capabilities to deal with this threat. In particular, DoD has undertaken programs to train those who will initially respond to a WMD attack (preparedness) and to form units with technical WMD skills to assist in a larger federal relief effort (response). DoD's present concept for preparedness and response is not adequate to provide a long term, comprehensive defense. The preparedness program has a narrow focus and ignores necessary refresher training. The DoD response does little more than add small technical units to the current disaster relief (DR) structure. The National Guard can, if properly structured, provide genuine WMD homeland defense. It should reorganize the two combat divisions and separate brigades not apportioned to current war plans into two Homeland Defense (HLD) Divisions. The HLD divisions should replace the two Response Task Forces presently established by U.S. Army Forces Command to manage the consequences of a WMD attack. They should be organized, trained and equipped specifically for WMD consequence management, and should become responsible for all military support operations within their regions.

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