Training for Terror: A Case Study of Al-Qaida   [open pdf - 545KB]

From the thesis abstract: "A recently acquired translated copy of an Al-Qaida training manual is analyzed utilizing the Four Frameworks Model, which states that organizations can be better understood if they are studied from structural, human resources, symbolic, and political perspectives. An overview of Middle Eastern terrorism, a synopsis of the Al-Qaida organization, a review of the contents of the training manual, and an Al-Qaida policy review are also delineated. Of the many conclusions presented, the first states that the Al-Qaida training manual and its precepts are indeed being used to guide terrorist operations. Al-Qaida believe their cause is just based on religious decrees, and that the use of training manuals helps to portray the group in a favorable light, reinforces ideology, and builds support. Al-Qaida have a strong need to rationalize and justify what they do. The success of the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings may have given Al-Qaida a spiritual boost and hardened their resolve to continue their mission, despite the U.S. War on Terrorism. Recommendations and areas of further research are presented to enhance the intelligence community's understanding of the internal workings of the group."

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