Combating Terrorism: A Guide for U.S. Naval Forces Afloat   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The United States Navy's forces afloat do not have a single source document that addresses anti-terrorism and counterterrorism. The increase in terrorism world-wide has stimulated the concern that vulnerable maritime vessels will become terrorist targets. U. S. Navy ships in a restricted maneuvering situation, at anchor in a harbor, or moored pier side may offer an attractive target to a terrorist group. To deal with this potential terrorist threat, personnel manning U. S. Navy ships must be educated in the fundamentals of terrorism; the ships' security program must be evaluated and modified accordingly; various watches, sentries, and teams must be trained in new anti- and counterterrorist procedures; and contingency plans must be developed to deal with potential terrorist incidents. This study provides a guide for the development of effective anti-terrorist and counterterrorist programs for any ship type in the U. S. Navy."

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