Church Report: Covert Action in Chile 1963-1973   [open html - 238KB]

Covert United States involvement in Chile in the decade between 1963 and 1973 was extensive and continuous. This report of a congressional committee chaired by Senator Frank Church of Idaho investigates U.S. intelligence operations in Chile during this time. This study is primarily concerned with what is labeled "covert action" by the United States government and its purpose is to evaluate the intent and effect of clandestine American activities in Chile. The report preliminarily concludes that covert action has been a key element of U.S. foreign policy toward Chile and was obvious throughout the decade between 1964 and 1974. "In 1964, the United States commitment to democratic reform via the Alliance for Progress and overt foreign aid was buttressed via covert support for the election of the candidate of the Christian Democratic party, a candidate and a party for which the Alliance seemed tailor made. During 1970 the U.S. Government tried, covertly, to prevent Allende from becoming President of Chile. When that failed, covert support to his opposition formed one of a triad of official actions: covert aid to opposition forces, "cool but correct" diplomatic posture, and economic pressure. From support of what the United States considered to be democratic and progressive forces in Chile we had moved finally to advocating and encouraging the overthrow of a democratically elected government."

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