Protecting Our Transportation Systems: An Information Security Awareness Overview   [open pdf - 591KB]

Surface transportation systems increasingly rely on a growing number of sensing, computing, and communications capabilities -- collectively known as information technologies. The application of these technologies to our transportation infrastructure has been termed Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Over the past several years, ITS have clearly demonstrated their ability to improve the efficiency of moving goods and people, improve the safety of our transportation system, and provide the public with information on alternative modes of travel. With the growing reliance on information systems within the global economy, it has become necessary to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information. Several types of protection -- such as automatic teller machine (ATM) PINs -- have already been integrated into our society and become part of our everyday lives. The military, banking, health-care, and electronic-commerce industries have pioneered this protection effort and have set a precedent for other industries now implementing information systems. As the surface transportation industry enters the information era through the development and deployment of ITS, there is a growing need to apply appropriate information security policies and practices

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