Binational Study: Migration Between Mexico and the United States   [open pdf - 344KB]

"Few issues hold greater implications for bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States than does migration. The main objective of this Binational Study covering the years 1995-1997 is to contribute to a better understanding and appreciation of the nature, dimensions, and consequences of migration from Mexico to the United States. It also provides an opportunity to identify options to respond to these movements. This Mexico/United States Binational Study on Migration was a joint effort undertaken by twenty scholars from both countries who worked together in teams on five subject areas focusing on distinct elements of the migration phenomenon: quantification of the scale of migration between Mexico and the United States; characteristics of the migrants; the factors that cause, sustain, or hinder migration; the impacts on the two countries; and the responses adopted individually or jointly by Mexico and the United States. These researchers wrote background research papers and individual team reports. The information and conclusions from these papers and team reports were collaboratively condensed and compiled into this joint summary report."

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