Biological Weapons for Waging Economic Warfare   [open pdf - 38KB]

"The final decade of the twentieth century has positioned the world at the threshold of tremendous opportunity. The collapse of the Soviet Union has dissolved the bipolar world and created the opening to forge a new international security environment. The preeminence of politico-military competition is slowly giving way to politico-economic competition. As Shintaro Ishihara predicts, 'The twenty-first century will be a century of economic warfare.' While military power remains important, its context and type are changing. The focus of many developing nations is to seek weapons of mass destruction (WMD)--nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons--to meet regional security concerns. The parallel emergence of economic competition and its likely accompanying conflicts with the proliferation of WMD raises the possibility of a new form of warfare. This includes the development and use of biological warfare (BW) against economic targets. Using BW to attack livestock, crops, or ecosystems offers an adversary the means to wage a potentially subtle yet devastating form of warfare, one which would impact the political, social, and economic sectors of a society and potentially of national survival itself."

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Battlefield of the Future: 21st Century Warfare Issues, ch.10
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