U.S. Customs Service: Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2000-2005   [open pdf - 504KB]

"For nearly 125 years, Customs funded virtually the entire government, and paid for the nation's early growth and infrastructure. Today, Customs is still a sizeable source of revenue for the Federal government, but along with the growth of our nation, its responsibilities and mission have significantly expanded and become more complex. Over the next five years, Customs seeks to enhance its efforts to build a Customs Service that takes action, holds people accountable, and achieves business results building on the tradition on which the agency was founded: to serve and protect the American public. As Customs enters the 21st century, the following significant challenges face the organization and its workforce: Focusing on integrity, accountability, discipline, training, automation, trade growth, border security, integrated air and marine interdiction, and high impact investigations; Continuing to facilitate the flow of legitimate commerce and travelers while at the same time identifying, disrupting and dismantling entities that threaten the legitimate flow of commerce; Continuing Customs efforts to identify, disrupt and dismantle narcotics and related money laundering organizations; Maintaining a forward-thinking and creative approach to the deployment of technology and automation; Hiring, training and retaining qualified employees in a highly competitive marketplace; and Meeting the demands of the external stakeholders while achieving our mission and performance goals."

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