Department of Defense Plan for Integrating National Guard and Reserve Component Support for Response to Attacks Using Weapons of Mass Destruction   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This plan was developed by direction of the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Its aim is to improve the military capabilities required to effectively support local, state, and federal agency consequence management response to terrorist attacks. These attacks may include the use of nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical weapons - Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Quadrennial Defense Review and National Defense Panel Report underscore the need to fully address the possibility that a future adversary will use biological or chemical weapons and integrate that threat into defense planning. Appropriate acquisition, intelligence and domestic response operations will result. Emerging doctrine, training and equipment requirements must be developed in concert with this theme. Recognizing the importance and understanding the complexities involved, we must provide the force with a capability to defend against and respond to asymmetric attacks at military installations or support the response to attacks on our homeland. The very nature of a WMD attack places tremendous pressure on the local response community. As a result, consequence management planning is just as demanding and even evolutionary in many respects. This plan outlines the concept to fill existing gaps in consequence management response capabilities. It defines the concepts, model, direction, and funding required for appropriate, substantive, integrated military support to local, state, and federal government authorities responding to the use of weapons of mass destruction. Specifically, the plan focuses on improving DoD's support for the response to a WMD attack."

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