Basic Radiological Dose Estimation-- A Field Guide: (Technical Guide) TG-236A   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Chapter 1 presents a basic overview of the reasons for creating this technical guide, the intended audience, the scope of the guide, the expected results of an assessment, personnel requirements, and disclaimers or limitations of the entire assessment process. Chapter 1 is not necessary to perform an assessment. Health and safety in relation to performing a Level 1 assessment are discussed in Chapter 2. The chapter is intended to remind the user to be aware of all potential hazards in the field not just radiological hazards. In this chapter there are reminders to alert the user to specific threats that may be found in the field. Guidance for the user experienced in general surveying and sampling is given in Chapter 3. Checklists and datasheets are included for fast review so that the experienced user can start on an assessment. Chapter 4 provides general guidance on radiation surveying and sampling for a Level 1 assessment. The chapter offers information on the basic supplies for sampling and surveying, selecting and setting up the survey unit, background measurements, instrumentation, and quality assurance. Tables, equations (if needed), and guidance are found in Chapter 5. With the information in Chapter 5, the user should be able to evaluate the field data in a timely manner and communicate the results to the Command staff. Contamination control procedures are covered in Chapter 6including instructions on setting up a monitoring station, frisking and decontaminating people and equipment."

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