Naval Theater Air & Missile Defense Concept   [open pdf - 106KB]

The strategic pause accompanying the end of the Cold War creates a window of opportunity in which to apply emerging technology, advance new war fighting capabilities, and test new doctrinal concepts without placing US combat forces and interests at risk. Weapons systems and enabling technologies are proliferating among our known and potential enemies, increasing the danger to US forces and interests from hostile theater air and missile systems. This Naval Theater Air & Missile Defense (TAMD) Concept describes the naval contributions to the joint TAMD system and its operations circa2010. Although the focus is on "naval" operations and capabilities for dynamic defense in depth, the concept is joint. Navy and Marine capabilities and operations are joint, by design and necessity, whether they serve as the foundation for a developing joint force, reinforce an established joint force, or are the only forces in an operation. Theater air and missile defense is the prioritized protection of critical assets, friendly forces, and US interests from air and missile attack. Taking a systems analysis perspective, TAMD plans integrate joint air and missile defense operations against piloted and uninhabited aircraft, theater missiles, and their infrastructure for logistics, command, and control. TAMD operations support the main effort of the joint force, preventing enemy air and missile forces from interfering with operations by US forces. Forces and operations for TAMD are organized around the joint task force operations area and its associated areas of interest (AOI).

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