Evaluation of Air Defense Forces   [open pdf - 1009KB]

The readiness of forces made available to CINCNORAD will be assessed in conjunction with the appropriate parent command/service inspection agency. This will be done on a regular and recurring basis to prompt the preparation process that leads to increased readiness. These evaluations provide CINCNORAD a validation of readiness postures as reported on a monthly basis in the Status of Resources and Training System report (SORTS) (Canadian equivalent report). Readiness will be assessed via four kinds of evaluations. The first evaluation assesses RAOCs (or equivalent) readiness to perform NORAD peacetime-to-wartime missions and is called the NORAD Operational Evaluation (NOE). The second evaluation assesses the ability to perform the peacetime mission. For NORAD alert fighter units and ADSs, this is called the Alert Force Evaluation (AFE). The third type of evaluation is a CMOC Readiness Evaluation (CRE) and will be conducted by the NORAD-USSPACECOM (N-SP) IG to evaluate the CMOC peacetime mission. The fourth type is a CMOC Operational Evaluation (COE) and will be conducted by the N-SP IG to evaluate the CMOC peacetime-to-wartime mission.

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