Port Security: A National Planning Guide   [open pdf - 66KB]

Port Security: A National Planning Guide has been produced for the purpose of conveying the United States Department of Transportation's policy perspective on port security to the maritime community. This guide provides an overview of the essential aspects of port security and identifies many of the challenges facing ports. It is also intended to provide local governments and the commercial maritime industry with a common basis upon which to establish port security standards and the outcomes expected from meeting those standards. This guide is intended to be the first document in a series to be produced through the cooperative efforts of the maritime industry and the Federal government. The guide and subsequent technical manuals are intended to be usable by port directors or general managers, the directors of port security, and the officers of port security departments in fulfilling their responsibilities toward the development of an effective port security program. This can enhance the ability of port security managers to execute their risk management responsibilities and to measure the impact and effectiveness of the security measures implemented in the port. These manuals are expected to address such topics as: Developing and Implementing a Security Plan, Security Survey and Risk Assessment, Physical Security and Access Control, Information Security, Personnel Security, Maritime Terrorism, Drug Smuggling, Stowaways and Alien Smuggling, Roles/Responsibilities/Legal Authorities of Port Agencies, Sea Robbery, Cargo Security and Hazardous Materials, Intelligence. This guide and its subsequent technical manuals are intended to be dynamic, and therefore flexible enough to be revised so that they may remain current and useful.

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