Principles and Promises: BJA's Plan for the Future   [open pdf - 517KB]

"Principles and Promises: BJA's [Bureau of Justice Assistance] Plan for the Future," contains two main sections called Principles and Promises and Policy Initiatives. Under Principles and Promises, the Bureau of Justice Assistance proposes to "examine its guidance and policies and eliminate any requirements that go beyond our programs' governing statutes or any requirements that are not needed to ensure fiscal responsibility and measure results." In addition, BJA will help its grantees find ways to meet their needs by providing clear and unrestrictive guidance about the purpose areas for each of our funding sources, work to add more flexibility to how grant funds can be spent by reexamining the purpose areas for each of our funding sources and making recommendations to Congress, and examine the existing rules and requirements and eliminate what is not needed. BJA will also provide their grantees with tools to make their jobs easier. Further plans include: examining its reporting requirements to ensure that they serve necessary purposes, finding solutions that will make reporting simpler, and planning strategically to ensure that we provide the assistance our partners want and need.

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