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American and foreign doctrines reflect that military training must give more attention to urban combat. Urban areas are the power centers, and urban terrain is expected to be the most common type of area of operations for future American forces throughout the world. Recent deployments in Panama, Somalia, Kosovo, and Bosnia, as well as developments in Afghanistan, have shown the need for units to be proficient in warfighting in urban and complex terrain. The increasing focus on urban terrorism and civil disorder emphasizes that combat in built-up areas is unavoidable. Expanding urban development affects military operations as the terrain is altered. Urban and complex close terrain pose significant problems for all types of military forces, but platoons and squads in the SBCT must be capable of leveraging combat power to achieve decisive results. The increased population and accelerated growth of cities have made the problems of combat in built-up areas an urgent requirement for the US Army. This chapter discusses the tools necessary for understanding the urban environment and for planning and executing missions, including reconnaissance, in the urban area.

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