Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures   [open pdf - 2MB]

With the extremely sophisticated communication technologies of the global information environment (GIE), the nature of media coverage has a significant impact on the conduct of war and stability and support operations at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Civilian and military news media coverage influences the perceptions of soldiers, family members, the public and political leaders, and affects the direction, range and duration of operations. It has a direct relation to the confidence these key audiences have in the Army and its execution of operations. Effective PA operations are critical to successful Army operations in the information age. They assist the commander in monitoring and understanding public opinion, explaining the situational context of events and communicating the Army's perspective clearly and without filters. They enable the commander to interpret the perceptions of external and internal audiences and influence the way in which discussion of the operation is framed. Synchronized, well-planned and actively executed PA tactics, techniques and procedures significantly clear the fog of war and impact the morale and effectiveness of the force. They reduce distractions, misinformation, uncertainty, confusion and other factors that cause stress and undermine efficient operations. They enhance understanding, acceptance and support. Effective PA operations contribute to soldier confidence, discipline, will to win, and unit cohesion.

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FM 3-61.1
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