Military Police Law and Order Operations   [open pdf - 4MB]

"One of the most important missions the Army has is to maintain its readiness. Unit readiness rests on the morale, discipline, and training of its soldiers. It rests equally on having quality soldiers and their families feel good about life in the Army community. Our soldiers and their families must have a safe and secure environment in which to live, work, and train. The military police (MP) accept that challenge daily. MP protect the Army's assets through active physical security measures. And MP undertake a vigorous economic crime program. They guard the Army's people and installations against terrorist threats. Their initiatives in crime prevention and family advocacy and their 'work friendly' attitude show they care about soldiers and their families. MP unstintingly fulfill their law and order mission, knowing it to be vital to the Army's success in combat. This field manual (FM) discusses each element of the MP law and order mission. It addresses law enforcement operations, investigations, confinement of US military prisoners, and terrorism counteraction. This FM will assist MP in understanding how each of these elements is an essential part of their law and order mission. Commanders will find it useful in understanding how MP help support the fulfillment of command responsibilities."

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FM 19-10
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