Residential Smoke Alarm Usage in Single-Family Dwellings Madison Heights, Michigan   [open pdf - 121KB]

"The city of Madison Heights, Michigan has a local ordinance requiring the use of smoke alarms in single-family dwellings. However, that ordinance has no provision for inspection of the alarms. Therefore, the problem is if compliance with the ordinance cannot be determined by inspection, how can compliance be accurately measured? The purpose of this applied research project was to assess the current usage level of smoke alarms in single-family residences in Madison Heights and to make recommendations to maintain those levels as needed. A descriptive research methodology based on a survey sent to single-family residences in Madison Heights was utilized. Answers were sought to the following research questions: 1. What percentage of single-family homes in Madison Heights has at least one smoke alarm and further what percentage of these homes has at least one smoke alarm on every level? 2. What power source(s) is used in these smoke alarms? 3. What percentage of the smoke alarms in place is actually in operating condition and if they are not in an operable state, why not? For data collection purposes, a seven-question survey was mailed to 300 single-family homes. The goal of the survey was to elicit information on smoke alarm usage, power supply and operability. Of the 300 surveys mailed, 134 were returned which provided a response rate of 44.66%. This survey revealed that 97.76% of respondents had at least one smoke alarm in their residence and 74.63% had at least on alarm on every level of their home."

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