Department of Defense Directive 5160.54: Critical Asset Assurance Program (CAAP)   [open pdf - 64KB]

This Directive: 1. Reissues reference DoD Directive 5160.54, June 26, 1989 to update DoD policies and responsibilities for the protection and assurance of DoD and non- DoD Critical Assets worldwide, to support the requirements of DoD Directive 3020.36, November 2, 1988, and to implement the policies established by DoD Directive S-3600.1, March 1977, as they pertain to Critical Assets that are, include, or depend upon Information Systems. 2. Expands the requirement to identify Critical Assets and assure their integrity, availability, survivability, and capability to support vital DoD missions across the full range of military operations. 3. provides for an integrated infrastructure vulnerability assessment and assurance program based on an analysis of the identified Critical Assets using risk management principles. The risk management-based analysis provide4s the information necessary to effectively allocate available resources necessary for assurance. 4. continues the authorization to publish DoD 5160.54-Rm March 1977, and authorizes the publication of DoD 5160.54-M, consistent with DoD 5025.1-M.

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DODD 5160.54
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