Arsenic in Soils and Sediments Adjacent to Birch Swamp Brook in the Vicinity of Texas Road (Downstream from the Imperial Oil Company Superfund Site), Monmouth County, New Jersey   [open pdf - 58MB]

"Concentrations of arsenic that exceed the proposed New Jersey State Cleanup Criterion for residential soils of 20 parts per million (20 mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram)) have been measured in soil samples from two residential and farm properties (referred to as the 'Texas Road site') that abut Birch Swamp Brook immediately south of Texas Road and downstream from the Imperial Oil Company Superfund site in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Concentrations of arsenic that exceed the proposed cleanup criterion also have been measured in sediments along the banks and point bars of Birch Swamp Brook and in the organic soils through which the brook runs. The brook drains areas of contamination about 0.5 miles upstream that are associated with the Superfund site, where arsenical pesticide production (1917-45) and waste-oil processing (1950-69) took place. Prior to the current study, the Imperial Oil Company Superfund site was the only known major upstream source of contaminants, which include arsenic, petroleum, and polychlorinated biphenyls, but past use of arsenical pesticides had been shown to contribute substantial amounts of arsenic to the soils in the area."

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U.S. Geological Survey: Water-Resources Investigations Report 00-4185
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