Additional Information on Requirements for Overseas Combating Terrorism and Homeland Security for the FY 2004 Budget   [open pdf - 403KB]

Activities to combat terrorism overseas and secure the homeland are among the Administration's highest priorities. In the past, these programs have been detailed in OMB's Annual Report to Congress on Combating Terrorism. We intend to institutionalize these two categories - overseas combating terrorism and homeland security - as part of the budget process, so that we have clear, detailed, and replicable budgetary and programmatic information on Federal efforts in these areas. To do so, we are asking that agencies: 1) review and validate the universe of programs that have been reported as overseas combating terrorism and homeland security in the past and, 2) provide detailed budgetary and programmatic information on these programs in separate exhibits that will be submitted concurrent with your budget request to OMB. When reviewing proposals for these programs in the FY 2004 budget process, EXOP staff will consider these programs on a crosscutting basis, ensuring their consistency with the National Strategy for Homeland Security, and identifying areas where duplication and overlap may hinder efficient resource allocation. The National Strategy for Homeland Security aligns and focuses homeland security functions into six critical mission areas, and also identifies specific high priority programs. These programs should be highlighted in the exhibits that you submit. We are requesting comparable data for overseas combating terrorism to ensure the same level of transparency into these programs. This reporting will also provide the basis for performance measurement in these programs.

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