Review and Consolidation of Business Management Systems for the Proposed Department of Homeland Security   [open pdf - 164KB]

On July 19th, OMB provided guidance to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) component agencies on preventing redundant IT infrastructure. That guidance recognized that an effective DHS requires high quality integrated common systems. The guidance also established the Homeland Security IT Investment Review Group as the executive review group for IT investments proposed by DHS component agencies. A similar opportunity for effectiveness and economy exists in the case of management systems for financial management, procurement, and human resources. Not only is consolidation possible, it has been used effectively in the recent past. In 1998, the Department of Interior's National Business Center consolidated payroll systems for Interior, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Education and many smaller agencies onto the Federal Personnel Payroll System. The result was a payroll system that worked better and cost 25 percent less. Currently, DHS component agencies all use different financial management systems, and lack a common automated system for either procurement or human resources.

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