Gun Control: Potential Effects of Next-Day Destruction of NICS Background Check Records   [open pdf - 378KB]

While routine system audits may not be adversely affected by DOJ's proposed requirement for next-day destruction of records, other current uses of NICS records would be affected, with consequences for public safety and NICS operations. The FBI has drafted plans that would address most potential effects of the proposed policy for next-day destruction of records. NICS officials told us, however, that the FBI would not lose any routine audit capabilities under the proposed policy for next-day destruction of records. Specifically, under current DOJ policy, if a law enforcement agency has information that indicates that an individual is prohibited from purchasing firearms under federal law, the agency may request that the FBI check whether the name appears in NICS records of allowed transfers. The FBI is considering actions that could partially mitigate the adverse effects of a next-day destruction policy on NICS operations. Finally, ATF headquarters officials told us that a next-day destruction policy would not affect ATF's ability to inspect gun dealer records. For example, under the proposed next-day destruction policy, NICS records of allowed firearms transfers would no longer be available for a detailed comparison with dealer records of the purportedly same transactions.

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