Determination Orders Organizing the Department of Homeland Security   [open pdf - 173KB]

On November 25, 2002, the President signed HR 5005 establishing the Department of Homeland Security (Public Law 107-296). The new department represents both a substantial improvement to our domestic security and a momentous change in the organization of the federal government. This reorganization will meld twenty-two Federal agencies and programs into the new department. Given the incoming entities' widely disparate policies, procedures, and information systems, the change will be difficult and require a high level of cooperation and coordination, both among those bound for the new department and from the agencies that are contributing these resources to homeland security. An important step in the establishment of the new department is the determination order process. Through the determination order, agencies will document key financial, logistical, and human resources to be transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. The President's November 25th Reorganization Plan for the department calls for the transfer of most component agencies and programs to the new department by March 1, 2003.

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