Economic Espionage, Technology Transfers and National Security: Hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, First Session, June 17, 1997   [open pdf - 193KB]

The Joint Economic Committee sits in a very unique position and I would suggest an ideal position to evaluate past policy and to evaluate those policies' impact on our economy, particularly, in the context of the legislative intent of the authors of the policies. The areas of concern occurred across several administrations in both the areas of high technology transfer and economic espionage. The goal is to shed light on these problems. I am sure that those responsible for these policies formulated them with the best of intentions. However, those intentions may not have manifested themselves as expected in this new and changing reality of a former Soviet Union, an emerging Asia and a struggling, unstable Third World. Opening statement for this hearing prepared by Jim Saxton. Witnesses include: Robert L. Schweitzer, Peter M. Leitner, John J. Fialka, and Kenneth Flamm.

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