Hearing Regarding a Review of the Relationship Between a Department of Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community, June 27, 2002   [open pdf - 2MB]

This hearing reflects the Committee's return to its consideration of the creation of a new Department of Homeland Security; a focused domestic defense agency which would guard our great country against those who seek to suppress our values and destroy our way of life by terrorizing our people. Our challenge and our responsibility after September 11th is to adapt, respond, and reform to protect our people from future terrorist attacks. It should be no contest. We have so much more strength, wealth, talent, and technology than our enemies. And we have our enduring faith, unity, and patriotism to guide us in our work. Two remarkable realities of American history are that no matter how much we've changed to meet the challenges of each succeeding generation, we've stayed, in essence, the same nation committed to the same values. Now, we've got to change again--to become not just safer, but better. In part, this is a matter of executive reorganization. But it's also, more broadly, a test of whether we can transform the people's government at a time of crisis, against the friction of entrenched interests, while protecting our freedoms. Witnesses include: Robert S. Mueller, III, George J. Tenet, William H. Webster, Bob Graham, and Richard C. Shelby.

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