Address by John C. Gannon, Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production to The National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee, April 3, 2001   [open pdf - 33KB]

Whatever direction the cyber threat takes, the United States Government will be confronting an increasingly interconnected world in the years ahead. This is the core message of Global Trends 2015. Our country will have to develop, in response, greater communications and collaboration across the agencies of our own Government, with other governments, and with the corporate world. Interagency cooperation will be essential to understanding the cyber threat, as well as other transnational threats that will occur, and to responding effectively with interdisciplinary strategies. Consequence management of a major attack on a critical US infrastructure would involve virtually all agencies of the Federal Government, State, and local governments, foreign governments, law enforcement, the military, the medical community, and the media. This dramatic story has no definite ending today. Clearly, the Intelligence Community has a major challenge ahead to serve the American people.

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