Recommendations for a National Mass Patient and Evacuee Movement, Regulating, and Tracking System   [open pdf - 623KB]

"These recommendations are offered to assist in development of a system that could be used during a mass casualty or evacuation event to locate, track, and regulate patients and evacuees. The recommendations can provide decision support to persons and organizations responsible for patient and evacuee movement, health care and transportation resource allocation, and incident management. [...] In October 2005 the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) awarded a contract to Abt Associates and its subcontractor, Partners Healthcare, to support development of a national strategy for the design, development, and implementation of an interagency mass patient and evacuee movement, regulating and tracking system. [...] The project team was instructed to consider a National System that is as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. In that sense, 'national' refers to geographic scope, rather than to a level of government. In particular, the National System does not focus exclusively on patients and evacuees transported or cared for by Federal agencies, but rather on any person affected by a multi-jurisdictional incident who seeks medical attention, is unable to self-evacuate to a safe area, or needs assistance with transportation or shelter. An ideal National System would update location and health status information of patients and evacuees at any location where they are treated, housed, sheltered, or transported, including overnight facilities, locations where patients and evacuees board or get off vehicles, or other temporary gathering points."

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AHRQ Publication No. 09-0039-EF
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